M2P 2023

IS29 - Marketing in Games and Metaverse: Never Before So Playful

L. Ripamonti (University of Milano, Italy), L. Zollo (University of Milano, Italy), R. Rialti (University of Milano, Italy) and D. Maggiorini (University of Milano, Italy)
Technological advancements in the Computer Science field are increasingly gaining importance in the simulation of real-world and industrial problems. Moreover, we have witnessed a growing attention to the interdisciplinary component required to develop effective solutions in many fields, among which one of growing importance is that of entertainment. Actually, more and more solutions developed for video games are flooding at a skyrocketing velocity other industry, giving birth to innovative approaches to product, productive processes, marketing, strategy, etc. In this panorama, the goal of this multidisciplinary call is to explore the interplay between video games and innovative marketing approaches, by exploring these phenomena from a socio-technical perspective, that couples technological approaches with management practices and that investigates the benefits provided by the transfer of knowledge among different fields. Hereby, we welcome contributes both from the technological and managerial sides. Topics of interest include (but are by no means limited to): • Virtual and augmented reality applications • User experience in virtual and augmented environments • Scalability and real-time fruition of virtual environments • Metaverse applications • NFTs and blockchain applications for Metaverse and video games • Applied games in virtual and augmented environments • Metaverse marketing • New UX/UI strategies • Digitalization techniques for brand awareness and stickiness • Re-branding and re-positioning in online environments • Innovative digital touchpoints for a new online customer journey • Immersive consumer experience