M2P 2023

Establishment Of A Public Mental Health Records Registry In The Ferrara Province: Adaptation Of A 30-Year-Long Clinical Database For Research Purposes

  • Ferrara, Maria (University of Ferrara)
  • Gentili, Elisabetta (University of Ferrara)
  • Belvederi Murri, Martino (University of Ferrara)
  • Zese, Riccardo (University of Ferrara)
  • Alberti, Marco (University of Ferrara)
  • Franchini, Giorgia (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
  • Domenicano, Ilaria (University of Ferrara)
  • Folesani, Federica (University of Ferrara)
  • Sorio, Cristina (AUSL Ferrara)
  • Benini, Lorenzo (AUSL Ferrara)
  • Carozza, Paola (AUSL Ferrara)
  • Little, Julian (University of Ottawa)
  • Grassi, Luigi (University of Ferrara)

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The immediate use for research of data exported from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is often limited by the necessity to transform data elements into an actual dataset. This paper describes the methodology to establish a dataset originating from a 30-year-long EHR registry that included clinical, health service, and socio-demographic information. The resulting dataset, FEPSY, included 3,861,432 records on 46,222 patients. The process to build FEPSY proved to be robust and replicable with similar healthcare data, even when they were not originally conceived for research purposes. FEPSY will enable future in-depth analyses regarding the epidemiology and social determinants of mental disorders, access to mental healthcare, and resource utilization.