M2P 2023

Special Events

M2P hosts a series of innovative formats meant to expand the scientific scope of the conference, focusing on the mutual benefits achievable by academia and industry through cross-fertilisation of ideas and best practices.

Event 1 (Wednesday, May 31)

Don’t be afraid by intellectual property, technology transfer and patents!

Paola Bagnoli

IRCCS Galeazzi - Sant’Ambrogio Hospital, Italy

Event 2 (Wednesday, May 31)

Twin interview from academia & industry: parallel or orthogonal perspectives?
Moderated by Leonardo De Cosmo, Science Journalist, Italy

Charbel Farhat

Stanford University, USA

Cristina Nava

Ubisoft, Italy

Alfio Quarteroni

Politecnico di Milano, Italy and EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Federica Valdenazzi

Cetena, Italy

Leonardo De Cosmo

Science Journalist, Italy

Event 3 (Thursday June 1st)

Quantum computing for fluids: where do we stand?

Sauro Succi

Italian Institute of Technology, Italy & Harvard University, USA

Event 4 (Thursday June 1st)

How to effectively pitch your disruptive ideas?

Maurizo La Cava

MLC Presentation Design, Italy